On his way to report to prison, Mike Petito reflects on his life and anticipates what lies ahead…that's when catastrophe strikes.


MIKE PETITO (George Pogatsia), a family man and biker, and his wife YVETTE (Karina Arroyave) witness the house next door being burglarized. Mike calls 9-1-1 and describes the scene. When Mike sees the burglars abducting his female neighbor he takes matters into his own hands. He grabs his gun and confronts them. The face-off results in Mike shooting them both.

To Mike's dismay he is falsely portrayed as a violent biker and vigilante by a unwavering PROSECUTOR (Eric Roberts). The court sentences him to five years in prison.

After a morning filled with painful goodbyes, demoralizing insight and contentious advice, Mike is resigned to his fate. On his way to report to prison he reflects on his life and anticipates what lies ahead for him and his young family…that’s when catastrophe strikes.

Director's Statement

The scenario: You are home enjoying some private time with your spouse. The kids are asleep. A window breaks; your neighbor screams. You call 9-1-1. You witness your neighbor being dragged out by two thugs. What do you do?

Where is the line between a heroic action and an unlawful one?

I wanted to be the story teller, not the judge and jury. I wanted to tell the story of a man with a hard exterior who is easily pre-judged and take away the one thing he loves most: his family. This reveals the depth of his vulnerability and causes him to retreat into himself. It is not until he is faced with catastrophe that he returns to who he truly is…

–George Pogatsia


Written and Directed By

George Pogatsia


Eric Roberts as Prosecutor
Tony Sirico as Rocco
George Pogatsia as Mike Petito
Karina Arroyave as Yvette Petito
Matthew Cowles as Donovan Bezer
Gino Cafarelli as Danny Petito
Michael Mazzeo as Carmine
William Pogatsia as William Petito
Chloe Pogatsia as Chloe Petito
Chris McGinn as 9-1-1 Dispatcher
Skyler Pinkerton as Arresting Officer
Michael Devine as Arresting Officer
Lisa Regina as Barbara Kalinsky
Vic Martino as Burt
Bruce Meakem as Businessman
Jesse R. Tendler as Charlie Kalinsky
Tom Gottlieb as Chuck Moreau (voice)
Bruce Wilson Jr. as Court Officer
Michael Croce as Eddie McCormick
Ernest Mingione as George Kalinsky
Ryan Woodle as Joseph Pines
Patricia R. Floyd as Judge
Maria Taylor as Marcela Williams
Letty Serra as Mary Petito
Richard DeDomenico as Michael Petito Sr.
Tom DiNardo as Panhandler
George Psomas as Policeman
Laura Butler as Pregnant Woman
Victor Pagan as Tito


Michael Mazzeo…Executive Producer
Jesse R. Tendler…Producer
Wes Waldron…Producer
Jim Rubino…Producer
Michael Mazzeo…Producer
George Pogatsia…Producer
Donovan Bezer…Associate Producer
Frank Nani…Associate Producer
Gary Sanders…Associate Producer

Pancho Burgos-Goizueta

Jay Silver

Film Editing
Sandra Consentino
Jim Rubino

Production Design
Fernando Cordero

Art Direction
Lisa Green

Costume Design
Valeria Picerno

Makeup Department
Mia Bauman

Production Management
Meghan Mahoney

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Jared Kaner
Catriona Rubenis-Stevens
Milo Jeremy Teplin

Art Department
Annie Ford
Mike Pappa

Sound Department
Marcin Tyszka

Visual Effects
Wes Waldron

Shad Ramsey

Camera and Electrical Department
Kevin Baggott
Christopher Bye
Rachel Esterday
Nolan Maloney
Robert O. McCormack
Chad Morse
Manoj Narula
Shane O'Reilly
Dan Puzio
Ryen Tetzloff
Brian Yankou
Kevin Yankou

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Yani Lopez
Chandra Renee Young

Music Department
Tom Villano

Philip Cohen

Other Crew
Tasia Baker
Caitlin Gold
Holly Nipperus
Pablo Pereyra
Roger Reeves
Daviana Sebastian
Monica Sevra
Michael Stranger
Jesse R. Tendler
Charlie Vakiener

Production Companies
5 Red Pictures
Intimation Productions
MW Studios (promotional consideration furnished by)
Michael Mazzeo Productions

Very Special Thanks
John G. Avildsen
The Savidis Family

In Memory Of
Matthew Cowles





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